Deadline to Apply: 19 December 2021









Create tomorrow’s media formats to empower young entrepreneurs and get the chance to win a production support of 15.000 Euros!

You have an idea for a new media format that addresses founders and/or entrepreneurs? Take part in the competition and submit your proposal until 15th December 2021.

About The Competition

The Start-ups on Air competition is an initiative of DW Akademie to promote the development of innovative media formats for founders and young entrepreneurs in Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon and Jordan.

Competition Objective

It seeks to encourage journalists and media professionals to create empowering, informative entertaining and/or inspiring media formats which really meet the interests, needs and aspirations of a new generation of founders and young .. See More

Who can participate?

Journalists and media professionals from Tunisia, Algeria, Lebanon and Jordan are invited to take part in the competition by submitting their ideas. You will find more details about the participation requirements in the FAQ-section .. See More

Your Application

You need to submit your format proposal via this competition platform Untap Compete. Create an account (sign up) then start your application.

It needs to include a video with a pitch about the format idea as well as a written concept including budget and timeline, a description of the final product, the implementation phase and the exact target audience.

You can only submit one application with one idea in Arabic or English.

Demonstrate feasibility within planned budget and timeframe until 2022.

Demonstrate financial sustainability

Demonstrate consideration of the needs and interests of the target group

Demonstrate innovative approach / innovation

Demonstrate entertainment value

Demonstrate adaptation to the media market of the respective target country

How does it work?

How does it work?

Proposals can be submitted by individuals as well as by teams on this platform between 27 November and 15 December 2021. A jury of experts will then evaluate the submissions and select the best ideas. For more information about the formal requirements for submissions, the jury and the evaluation criteria please visit this page.

What is there to win?

Participants have the chance to win a prize money of 1.500 € (one winner / winning team for each country). One main winner / winning team will receive a production support of 15.000 € and coaching by experienced DW Akademie trainers to realize a prototype in 2022.

Take part in the competition